“What if I have no experience?”

Digital interviewing isn’t just for the busy HR professional. Video has become so entwined with our digital culture and it’s reaching ever facet of our lives. Understanding how to use or perform on video and digital interviewing technology effectively is becoming critical to students. Many post secondary programs (examples?) are utilizing video and digital interviewing tech at the application stages in order to meet their prospective students sooner and to make application choices faster and more informed.

On the other end of that spectrum, students just leaving their post secondary education will need to be prepared to encounter this technology when they begin their career search.

So how can you as a student, make yourself standout?

Academic Achievement, always important to highlight, but a common mistake is to get hung up on this without focusing on anything else. These can be used a wow factors when opening, but let these achievements speak for themselves, and move onto things that make you standout as an individual rather than an impressive number, that might get lost among other impressive numbers.

Extra curricular involvement: This just might be one of the most important areas to highlight for any student. Remember that impressive academic achievement you opened with? Follow that up with how at the same time you co-chaired a student council, designed the set for the major school theatre production, or organized a charity event. Not only will this show what a great job you did of balancing school and extra curricular activates, but it humanizes you, makes you a standout individual that the person on the other end of the interview now feels like they know. It shows your hobbies and interests and rounds you out, while also showing and implying all the skill sets that come with these traits.

I recommend viewing our past blog about Hard and Soft skills to better understand these terms if they are new to you.

Your soft skills are what will help you standout from the crowd, schools love seeing that their students are going to be involved outside of academics to help foster their campus culture, and employers love seeing someone who can transfer skills to help their business grow.