Tips for recording great one-way video interview responses

A lot of digital interview invitations you will encounter are one-way, which means that the questions have been asked by the recruiter and you will respond to them one at a time at your convenience, from your computer or mobile device, and by the recruiters stipulated deadline. The pros of this are that you will be able to submit your response in your own time from wherever is most comfortable for you. The biggest con however is that talking to your webcam with no one on the other side is a skill that you may need to develop. Luckily, we have a few tips that will help you get the hang of it quickly!


  1. Even though it’s not live for you, it’s live for the interviewer.

Keep in mind that even though it may feel like you’re not talking to anyone, someone still has to review your responses and they will be focusing on your. So if your responses feel robotic, unenthusiastic or awkward, that lack will translate to the interviewer when reviewing.

  1. Prepare your responses!

You will almost always be able to preview questions before you respond giving you the chance to think about your answer. Use this time to consider your time limit and the important points you need to hit as well as the ones you can avoid!. Think about your points and how they link and connect to each other so your answers flow into each other naturally.

  1. Help yourself

So maybe going off the cuff with your responses isn’t your strength, open a word document and write out what you want to say! Rehearse it and time yourself to make sure you’re staying within your allotted response time limit. Having trouble memorizing? Print off the bullets and tape it just under your webcam!


The amazing thing about digital interviewing is that you can put your best foot forward. You have so much control over your environment and can use all the tools at your disposal to make sure you showcase your best self!