What you say is important!

Maybe you are a recruiter, looking to expand your team with a new digital hiring platform, or maybe you are new graduate looking to start your career and you’re experiencing your first digital interview.

When communicating on video whether you are a candidate responding in a job interview or a company presenting your company in a video job description or career brand video, the content of your video matters. Let’s break that down by audience.

As a job seeker: The content of your submitted or recorded video responses will be reviewed by a recruiter and may also be analyzed by a cognitive assessment engine which could be looking for keywords or phrasing. Either way you want to be thoughtful about the words you use, be to the point and not tentative. Think about what you are going to say and how you are going to say it before starting and think about the recruiter on the other side reviewing your interview, If you want yours to stand out focus on your content.

As a recruiter: If you are recording a video as a spokesperson for your Employer you also want to be mindful of your role in representing the job, the company, its values and its culture. Whether you are recording a simple greeting and invitation to respond, a job description or a career brand video the words that you choose and how you present yourself matters a lot. You want to strike the right balance between being authentic and friendly while being sure you are covering all of the right content points. Less is more today and prospective candidates pay a lot more attention to how you make them feel then what you are actually saying so consider that in your delivery. Take advantage of a teleprompter so you don’t have to worry about memorizing and can concentrate on your tone and presentation style.