Being ready for the video interview

When you see “you have been invited to a video interview” or “submit your video application here” for the first time, this is not something to be hesitant about. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s your opportunity to tell your story and share more about who you are beyond the resume.

Here are some tips on what to look for in the digital interviewing process:

1. Do you have the opportunity to connect directly with the recruiter or ask a question if you have a problem?
2. Do you have a chance to re-record your response before submitting or is it a one-shot response?
3. Do you have the opportunity to provide feedback as part of the process?

If these three things are in place that is a sign that the company wants to give you every chance to put your best foot forward in the process and is using digital interviewing as a way to meet you sooner but in a way that is comfortable for you and provides a convenient alternative. This says that the employer is fair, transparent and is embracing new, innovative technology and modernizing it’s processes.

While some job seekers have encountered video applications and video interviewing on more than one occasion, you may be seeing it for your first time. Take a moment to think about how this can provide an advantage to you in introducing yourself and sharing your story. What questions will you ask and what can you learn about the employer in the process?

New technology is being adopted everyday by you and by your prospective employers so give some thought to how this is being used, at what stage of the process and why? Put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter and think about how this will help them get to know you. Understanding it from this point of view will give you the advantage in the process.