“Common Sense”

A common joke about digital interviewing is that you only need to dress from the waist up! While there is some truth to these industry jokes, being safe is always better than being sorry!


  1. Dress for success. Unless perhaps you are holding a senior position and are well established enough, wear pants! Dress for success holds true even when you interview from home. Sure you might be able to get away with only dressing from the waist up, but accidents do happen, and Murphy’s law (anything that can go wrong, will go wrong) has a nasty habit of applying to the most important situations. You don’t want to risk accidentally bumping your webcam or computer and showing the interviewer those great Star Wars boxers you elected to wear rather than pants!
  2. Cut out potential distractions! As we saw infamously on the viral BBC video this past year, sometimes you can get an unexpected visitor in the middle of an interview. While your toddler stumbling into your office will probably be overlooked, the same might not be said for your roommate barging in. Inform all parties who are in the vicinity of your interview and ask them to keep quite for the duration. Lock the door if able to be extra safe, turn off your phone, or its ringer, and do a sweep of the room and its back ground to keep it looking tidy and distraction free!
  3. Equipment test! Following the vain of Murphy’s Law, remember to test your equipment BEFORE the interview. The last thing you want is for your webcam or microphone to fail just as your starting. Test your equipment in advance, giving yourself time to find replacements, and have back up options ready.
  4. Treat it like you’re in the same room! This is a sort of all encompassing rule that if you keep in mind will keep you safe! If you’d do it for an in person interview, do it for a digital one, if you wouldn’t do it in person, don’t do it in a digital interview!