How to answer tough questions elegantly: “Are you interviewing anywhere else?”


So you are in the thick of your job search, you have applied to many positions and you finally hear back and are invited to a couple of first interviews. Everything is going well but then the employer asks their last question: Are you interviewing anywhere else? Don’t let this question catch you off guard. Be prepared for it and don’t be shy to share that you are currently interviewing with another company. It shows that you are a sought after and in-demand candidate and often it will give the recruiter a reason to move things along with more urgency. If you don’t necessarily have another interview lined up feel free to share that you are “active” in your search and engaged with a couple of different companies. Without providing all the details you can provide an answer but be sure to let the interviewer know how passionate you are about the position you are interviewing for and don’t leave any question in their mind that it is your first choice! There is nothing more compelling to a recruiter than an in demand candidate who puts your position as their first choice!